Soaring High: The Magnificent Balloons of The Northampton Town Festival

Soaring High: The Magnificent Balloons of The Northampton Town Festival

As summer approaches, excitement is in the air as The Northampton Balloon Festival prepares to take flight on the 18th, 19th, and 20th of August. Among the many thrilling attractions and activities, one sight that never fails to captivate the hearts of visitors is the awe-inspiring display of hot air balloons gracefully gliding through the sky. This year, over 50 balloons have been registered to attend, each adding its own touch of magic to the already enchanting festival.

The Classics:

  1. Action Man: Remember the fearless toy hero from your childhood? Prepare to see Action Man take to the skies and relive the nostalgia of daring adventures.

  2. Fire Extinguisher: In a playful twist, a balloon shaped like a fire extinguisher will remind us of the importance of safety while adding a vibrant splash of color to the horizon.

  3. Nescafé Cup: Wake up and smell the coffee! The Nescafé Cup balloon is sure to bring a touch of warmth to the festival atmosphere.

  4. Agfa Can: This unique balloon in the shape of an Agfa Can pays homage to photography and reminds us of the beauty of capturing precious moments.

The Mystical:

  1. Dragon: Behold the mythical creature as it graces the festival skies, breathing life into ancient tales and adding an air of mystery to the event.

The Whimsical:

  1. Thomas: Children’s faces will light up with joy at the sight of the beloved Thomas the Tank Engine balloon, bringing smiles to young and old alike.

The Iconic:

  1. BBC Globe: A symbol of global connectivity, the BBC Globe balloon stands tall, representing the power of information and storytelling.

  2. Financial Times: For those with a passion for finance and business, the Financial Times balloon makes an elegant and prestigious appearance.

  3. Aston Martin: Paying tribute to automotive excellence, the Aston Martin balloon embodies luxury and elegance in the sky.

  4. Barclays House: Proudly displaying the Barclays House balloon, the festival celebrates the world of banking and financial services.

These mesmerizing special shapes are just a glimpse of the diverse and colorful array of balloons that will grace the Northampton skies. Whether you’re a fan of thrilling stunts, live entertainment, craft workshops, or delectable food, the festival offers something for everyone.

Exciting Entertainment Awaits:

  • The RPM Bike Display Team will showcase jaw-dropping stunts on Friday, leaving the audience in awe of their skills and fearlessness.

  • Throughout the weekend, the American Civil War Society will transport you back in time with authentic reenactments, offering a glimpse into history.

  • Hold your breath as Stannage Stunts take center stage on Saturday and Sunday, performing heart-stopping tricks that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

  • Experience the grace and power of the Extreme Equine Stunt Act, an act that combines the beauty of horses with the thrill of daring performances.

  • The Punch and Judy Show will delight both young and old with its classic puppetry, while the Circus Workshop offers a chance for you to try your hand at circus skills.

  • Explore the British Army Display and learn about the incredible work of our servicemen and women, and marvel at the majestic Birds of Prey in flight.

  • For those seeking shopping delights, charity and trade stalls offer an array of unique products and services, and the Craft Marquee showcases the talents of local artisans.

  • And let’s not forget the Festival Food and Bars, providing a tantalizing selection of delectable treats and refreshing beverages to keep you energized throughout the day.

As the festival days draw near, the anticipation rises, and the sky is getting ready to be painted with a kaleidoscope of colors and shapes. From the ground to the heavens, The Northampton Town Festival promises a weekend of wonder and delight, where cherished memories will be made and laughter will fill the air. So mark your calendars and prepare for a soaring adventure amidst the balloons and the incredible entertainment that awaits you!

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